What Foods To Eat To Make Your Buttocks Bigger

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There are a lot of people who want to have bigger buttocks, but don't want to do brazilian butt lift or another plastic surgery for some reason. Is there a way for them to do this in natural way?

First of all, you need to remember one thing: there is no food which alone can make your butt bigger. Exercising will still be a part of your booty growing program, which you are following or planning to follow.

So, as you have probably understood, we can point out two phases, which influence on your butt:
  • The phase of resistance - the workout you do and stimulus applied to create a grow effect
  • The phase of recovery - what you do and eat after workout
In this article, we will focus on the second phase and tell you more about the food which can help you get a bigger butt.

food for bigger buttocks

Foods to Eat for Getting Big Butt Naturally

After you have done your exercises your buttocks are in the recovery cycle and you need to consume the right type of food, correct amount of calories and the right mixture of proteins to make the grow effective. Usually, we eat enough foods to maintain our current weight; yet, in case you want to achieve better results you need not just follow the special nutrition program, but also eat 100-500 calories more than usual. That is because your workouts are also burning calories.

However, if your aim is not only your butts grow, but also losing weight you will need to eat less and include in your diet foods that stimulate the growth of muscles without fat accumulation.

Macro-Nutrient Sources for Big Booty


Protein is a part of any muscles growing program. The misconception that eating protein and drinking protein shakes is allowed only for bodybuilders is false. Any human body needs protein for optimal health. So in order to get better results you need to add 20-35g of protein to any meal you have. You can also drink protein shakes after your workout and during dayly meals to get better results. The natural sources of proteins are:
  • Fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia), but not fried
  • Eggs
  • Chicken breasts without skin and turkey
  • Cottage cheese
  • Soya and other beans
  • Steaks and extra lean ground beef


  • Ezekiel sprouted bread or 100% whole grain bread
  • Cereals (brown rice, oats, coos coos)
  • Sweet potatoes


There is a wrong belief regarding fat, which is still in our minds: fat can make you fat. This is not true because excess calories and bad unhealthy food are producing more fat than the fat food itself. The consumption of food which contains fat is essential and it will help you not only grow your butt, but also lose weight and build your body in a healthy way. So here are fat sources you need to include in your diet:
  • Fish fat and oils, extra virgin olive oil
  • Different kinds of nuts
  • Peanut and almond butter


For better results, you need to eat foods with anti-oxidants, nutrients, and other healthy ingredients. That is why vegetables are a must. So, without any limitations,  you can eat the following:
  • Any dark green vegetables (cucumber, avocado, etc.)
  • Broccoli and spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage
As you see, there is a plenty of foods recommended to eat when you focus on your butt grow. And by creating a mixture of this healthy foods and proper exercises you will achieve results faster, because such nutrition will give your body all the materials necessary for your butt grow.

Brazilian Butt Lift: How Safe, Recovery Time And Price

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Everybody wants to look great and millions of people are doing their best to get the perfect body. There are a lot of methods to improve the shape of your butt, including special diets and workout, but in fact, they require a lot of time and efforts, which do not always guarantee the result. So, you may need a help of professional plastic surgeon in your aspiration to have perfect butt. Nowadays, the Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular kinds of surgeries all over the world for those who want to reshape their buttocks naturally.

  1. What is Brazilian butt lift?
  2. The invention and popularity
  3. The advantages
  4. For who?
  5. How long is recovery?
  6. Is it safe?
  7. How much does Brazilian butt lift cost?

What is Brazilian butt lift?

Traditional butt lift method involves the implantation of artificial materials like silicone or saline and requires surgical intervention with lengthy time for recovery. Instead, the Brazilian butt lift is just the transfer of your own fat to the buttocks from other parts of your body. The first part of this procedure is simple liposuction - the fat is mostly taken from the back, thighs and stomach area. The second step is purifying the fat in order to remove unwanted impurities. And the third and last step is injection of your purified fat into your buttocks to lift them and make them look rounder and fuller.

The invention and popularity

As the name implies, this type of plastic surgery was invented in Brazil. Those who live in hot climate usually expose more parts of their bodies as compared to people from cold countries, and as a result, they pay more attention to each others appearance. This is why buttocks became a part of Brazilian culture: they are featured in poetry and music, and the national “Miss Butt” contest is held annually. Brazilian celebrities were the first ones who have sought the help of plastic surgeons in order to get the perfect buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift was invented by Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, the world famous plastic surgeon from Rio de Janeiro, who has made a great contribution to such fields like aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Apart from the butt lift, he significantly improved methods of body contour surgery, abdominoplasty, breast reconstruction, face lifts and rhinoplasty.

The Brazilian butt lift procedure quickly became popular in the United States and worldwide after close attention of mass media to outstanding rears of such celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, because their fans looked for the fast and reliable way to grow butts artificially in order to imitate their look.

As the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery claims, there were more than 300,000 butt lift procedures conducted worldwide in 2015 and this number is growing very quickly, since it has increased by 30% as compared to 2014.

In the United States, the number of conducted Brazilian butt lift procedured has grown so quickly over the last few years, that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has named the 2015 a “year of the rear”. According to their statistics, the buttocks focused procedures showed the most impressive growth among others and now performed in US almost every 30 minutes.

The advantages

Brazilian butt lift has few advantages as compared with traditional butt lifting procedure:

  1. No risk of infection, since there is no actual surgical intervention.
  2. Short recovery period.
  3. No foreign materials inserted into your body, so no risk of rejection.
  4. Since the procedure includes liposuction, it improves your whole body appearance, not only butt. 

For who?

You should do Brazilian butt lift:

  • If you want to increase (not decrease) the volume of your butt.
  • If you have enough fat in other parts of your body.
  • If natural methods, like dieting and exercising, did not help you.
There are also certain health conditions that hinder Brazilian butt lift, so you should discuss the possibility of this procedure with the plastic surgeon.

How long is recovery?

As it was said before, the recovery period for a Brazilian butt lift is much shorter as compared to a traditional one. It may slightly vary from person to person, but in general you will be able to return to work after two weeks. During near three weeks after procedure you will sit on a special cushion, which minimizes the pressure on your butt. In just four weeks you will return to your normal life.

Is it safe?

Any surgery is associated with some risks, so in any case you have to hire qualified and reputable surgeon, who will make your operation as safe as it possible.

Brazilian butt lift is the safest procedure of its kind, because it does not require extraneous materials for transplantation. The main danger here is use of unnatural implants like silicone, for example, that can cause serious problems. The injections of silicone into the buttocks are prohibited by law in most countries now after they caused numerous cases of blockages and severe infections. In 2016 several deaths were reported after illegal silicone injections made by low-qualified surgeons in disreputable clinics. Such buttock injections usually make use of silicone in form of gel or liquid without a special membrane that must protect the substance from moving inside the body. Besides infections, moving of implants can cause pressure on nerves and heavy pains, as a result. At the present time in the United States silicone is not approved by FDA for any tissue augmentation including butt lifts.

On the other hand, the Brazilian butt lift requires person’s own body fat for transplantation, what makes it almost 100% safe. The worst thing that happens here in rare cases is fat necrosis, when reinjected fat becomes lumpy. This condition can also occur after some traumas and it certainly requires professional help, but definitely not as dangerous as problems caused by silicone implants.

How much does Brazilian butt lift cost?

The price varies from $2000 to $10000. It may depends on the next factors:

  1. The area you live.
  2. The qualification of the plastic surgeon.
  3. Some particular features of your body and overall health, which may complicate the task.
  4. The quality and quantity of medications and materials used.
The Brazilian butt lift is not cheap, but there is nothing more valuable in this world than your health and appearance. Given that healthy lifestyle and weight control will help you maintain perfect butt look many years after the procedure, it should be considered as great investment in your life success and self-confidence.